First Henna Hair Dye Experience!

Dyeing my hair has always been something I loved doing. I get bored pretty easily with my hair so that was something that allowed me to get some change! However, with the most recent health events in my life (check other blogs) I have sadly become (hopefully temporarily) allergic to many beauty/cosmetic products…including hair dye. So this past weekend I ventured out and tried henna hair dye! Henna is found in the plant called henna. Creative huh. It’s natural and has no additives so I thought I was pretty safe in using it.  I did my research and finally picked a color called “Mahogany.” The brand I chose actually came with a color chart, however I didn’t really find that helpful but it made my heart a little more at ease since with henna you never really know what color you are going to end up with. After it arrived in the mail, my Mom and I made it an event to dye my hair that weekend. Soooo here’s how it went!

  1. The first night we tested a section of my hair originally to find what color I wanted. You have to let the dye cure, so we added the powder to water and let it sit out for about 2 hours. I also added some nutmeg to enhance the red tones. Then, I cut an inch or so off of some of my hair and tested the dye on it. We checked it every 15-30 minutes. It did get darker but honestly after 2 hours of doing that it was hard to tell anymore if it was changing.
  2. The next day we made the big batch and cured it for 2 hours.  I wet my hair and towel dried it. And then thankfully my Mom helped by putting the henna in for me. WARNING: it does not smell the greatest…and my hair smelled like it for 3 days.  It was honestly like putting mud in my hair. Once it was all in I put my hair in a shower cap for 2 hours. To add even more red tint to it I used consistent heat. So between a hair drier, a hot towel, and a heat pack, my Mom and I did just that.
  3. Now it was time to wash it out. I was truly expecting it to be so hard to wash out, or at least make a huge mess. And it really wasn’t that bad. I would say it took me about 10-15 minutes to rinse it out. First I rinsed it with warm water and then again with conditioner. I used apple cider vinegar as my conditioner. The henna did not stain the tub or my feet and hands.
  4. Over the next few days my hands were however still getting some henna powder on them but it wasn’t too bad and would wash right off. Overall I can definitely notice my hair darker! In the sun you can see red in it too. Before I used the henna the top 6 inches of my hair were my natural color and the bottom was old dye and it definitely evened out everything. I wish I had taken a before picture but I didn’t think about it…so I have after pictures and in the process pictures. I will definitely be doing this again and probably leaving the dye on longer!!

Also you can tell in the after pics (bottom 2), that it looks completely different in a and out of the sun!

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