Done with Month Two, on to Three!

I didn’t expect to be waiting another month to blog about my health! However it wasn’t on my heart until now to do so, so here we go….

This last month has been filled with a lot of waiting and patience (Lord knew I needed a lesson in that haha). I have continued the diet-as of now I have only had homemade bone broth, chicken, veggies, and ghee for the last 10 weeks, as I had to stop the egg yolks because I was having reactions to them and couldn’t progress to eat anything else because my stomach ached so bad from anything more hardy. I have continued the fish oil and vitamin C, but stopped the Quercetin and probiotics. And lastly I have included more detoxing! I started feeling so nauseous, had migraines that lasted for days, and so fatigued that I had to take hours of naps. I realized that’s because some of the bad bacteria were dying off (yay) but they had no way to get out. So in addition to the detox baths I was doing I added water and coffee enemas (yes, I did just say that 😉 ) and dry brushing. However, I finally got to a point where I realized something bigger than just leaky gut was going on and I will not prescribe myself supplements without having the proper guidance.  So I decided to make a doctors appointment with a Gastrointestinal doctor. I had great hope that the Lord would lead me to a doctor that would help heal me, but I knew that was on His timing. Before going I was prepared in knowing that a traditional doctor may not be the route I needed to go based on other bloggers/previous patients with these symptoms, but I wanted to see for myself if it would work for me. Everyone has there own path and what works for them, but for me that was not the route I needed to take. After my visit with the doctor I went on my computer to find a functional medicine doctor, regardless of how costly they are (they aren’t covered by insurance). For those of us who don’t know what that is, functional medicine addresses the root causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and and individualized partnership between patient and provider.  I found one in Greensboro and 3 weeks later (last week) had my appointment.

I walked out of that appointment with tears in my eyes. Happy tears! Tears of joy that the Lord sent me the doctor I, and much of my loved ones, had been praying for. He gave me intent one on one care, wanting every little detail I could think of. He knew everything (and more) of what I was explaining to him. He called me an “intriguing case” because he said 90% of his patients didn’t have a background of this stuff, but after my two months of determined researching and implementing what I learned, I went in with a pretty hefty knowledge set haha. The reason I mention that is to encourage you to find a provider that works for you! Do not settle if you do not feel at peace. If you do not feel like they are on the same page as you, then there is no hurt in searching for a new one. I promise the right one is out there for you.

I start treatment this Friday. After doing some initial testing at the first visit he confirmed my leaky gut, and that I had something deeper and harder to heal going on-whether that was parasites, bacteria, candida, etc. I’m super excited to start the regime he is taking the time to write specifically for me. I’m truly thankful God took this whole summer (I start my nursing job next week), to bring me to this doctor because he used these months to grow me tremendously, draw me closer to him, bring me healing in other ways, and show me his steadfast love.  I have no doubt that he will provide for me physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually through this time. So blessed ♡

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